Laurion Group | Laurion Group reorganizes its Corporate Governance
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Laurion Group reorganizes its Corporate Governance

Laurion Group reorganizes its Corporate Governance

The family office renewed its corporate governance model.

Jordi Berini and Tiago Salgado will define the objectives, strategy and markets
positioning of LAURION GROUP.

Barcelona, 25th of June 2020 – LAURION GROUP recently implemented a new corporate governance model  and for that reorganized its leadership.

Jordi Berini Suñe and Tiago Moreira Salgado were appointed, respectively, Group Executive Chairman and Vice Chairman and CEO of LAURION GROUP. They will lead the organisation and work together in setting its medium and long term goals, an overall strategy and positioning in the markets.

Stemming from an industrial background, LAURION GROUP is a solid family owned group of companies with headquarters in Barcelona and a multinational approach. With business interests and partners across Europe and the Americas, the Group focuses on investing and managing a portfolio of alternative investments, namely investments in Private Debt, Real Estate and Private Equity, having set up its own insurance structure to hedge its risks and ensure long term sustainable growth.

Jordi Berini, the Group Executive Chairman, is the Founder and main shareholder of LAURION GROUP. He is an entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in leading and starting up projects and managing a diversified portfolio of investments.

In this new stage, he will be accompanied by Tiago Salgado as Vice Chairman and CEO of the organization. With more than 20 years of international experience in banking and alternative asset management, it is worth highlighting his 9 years as the CEO of Banif Plus Bank (Slovakia) and 3 years as the CEO of WIN Capital Management, an Alternative Investment Manager.

This new structure of Corporate Governance will renew and consolidate the objectives of the Group to ensure the growth of the company over the next few years.

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